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The company of Enveco provides full range of services on consulting, design, delivery, installation and commissioning, maintenance of Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems (CEMS) at industrial enterprises to align with requirements of environmental legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.


Our service


Consulting on continuous emissions monitoring systems into ambient air and water

Enveco will select an appropriate equipment and technological solution for continuous monitoring of industrial air emissions and water discharges based on your needs and conditions, ensuring measurements precision, reliability, and economical expediency




Design of continuous emissions monitoring systems at enterprises

Enveco will envisage and design the most suitable locations and installation options for sensors, detectors, and other CEMS equipment in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan and need to ensure reliability and longevity of the equipment



Turn-key solutions of delivery and installation of CEMS at enterprises

Enveco personnel will ensure timely logistical services of CEMS delivery and installation in accordance with design solutions.

Commissioning and service maintenance of CEMS

The Enveco personnel will ensure conduct of all testing and commissioning of CEMS, as well as following service maintenance in accordance with customers’ requirements.



Delivery of Air Quality Monitoring equipment

Beside CEMS, Enveco also delivers high-precision air quality monitoring equipment.


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