IMR 5000


Integrated CEMS solution for different industries – oil and gas, mining, metallurgy, energy, construction, chemical, cement production, and others.

IMR 5000 allows to conduct simultaneous concentration measurements of 12 pollutants and physical factors, using electrochemical and catalytical sensors, as well as NDIR.

Measured concentrations of pollutants: CO, O2, CO2, SO2, CH4, NO, NO2, H2S, HCl, HF, NH3, HC, Cl2, O3, N2O.

Measured physical parameters: gas temperature, flow velocity, pressure.





Humidity analyzing module allows to convert the pollutants’ concentration values in the exhaust gases into the dry base values. This module excludes mutual negative interference and distortion of concentration values and physical parameters.

Advantages: high accuracy, ultra-low power consumption, stable and reliable, beautiful appearance and compact structure, digital processing, strong anti-interference, small drift, calibratable.

High level of automatization, detailed information on data acquisition system’s conditions, data reliability.






Integrated CEMS solution for different industries – oil and gas, mining, metallurgy, energy, chemical, waste incineration, pharmaceutical and others.

Measured concentrations of components:

SO2, NO, NO2 based on cold-dry method and UV-DOAS technology (ultraviolet differential optical absorption spectrometry)

HCl, HF, CO, CO2, NH3, H2S, Cl2, VOC (volatile organic compounds) are measured by additional TDLAS module (tunable diode-laser absorption spectrometry).






LGT-680 module is an excellent additional CEMS solution for higher precision and reliability of some measured components.

The measured concentrations of components: H2S и NH3 based on how-wet method with TDLAS technology (tunable diode-laser absorption spectrometry).







DMC-100 module is a highly sensitive equipment for defining concentrations and continuous monitoring of suspended solids – dust, soot, PM 2.5, PM 10.

The module can be integrated with other CEMS parts or used separately as a network of sensors for monitoring of suspended solids only.





PT-500 module is a sensor for detection of additional physical parameters in continuous monitoring – flow’s pressure, temperature, and velocity.




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